Easy Jägermeister Drink Ideas

California Surfer

Dive into the tropical flavors of Jägermeister, coconut rum, and pineapple juice with this refreshing classic. Perfect for happy hour or as tasty jello shots.

Fright Night in the Grove

Experience a slightly tropical twist with grapefruit juice and Jägermeister dominating the spirits. Reposado tequila adds an unexpected but delightful element to this cocktail.

German Vacation

Transport yourself to the tropics with Jägermeister mixed with gold rum, ginger and orgeat syrups, lemon, and Peychaud's Bitters. Enjoy the depth of flavors in every sip.

The Inside Scoop

Indulge in a root beer float with a twist by combining Jägermeister and Yellow Chartreuse. It may sound unusual, but the result is a delicious adventure worth trying.

Jäger Café Cocktail

Surprise your friends with this delightful martini-like cocktail featuring Jägermeister, vodka, coffee liqueur, and grenadine. They'll never guess the secret ingredient.


Give the classic martini a modern twist by using Jägermeister as the base instead of gin. Embrace the botanical blend of Jäger for a unique and brilliant cocktail experience.

Bed of Roses

Enjoy the sweet and sour balance of Jägermeister, tart citrus, and grenadine in this charming cocktail reminiscent of a classic sour. It's a drink almost anyone will love.

Colt 45

For an energy drink with a kick, mix up a Colt 45 featuring Jägermeister, vodka, gin, and your favorite energy drink. Easy to make and beloved by many, it's sure to satisfy your craving.