The Tragic Lives of Famous Conjoined Twins Daisy & Violet Hilton

Born Conjoined at the Hips and Expected to Die Young: Daisy and Violet Hilton, born in 1908 in Brighton, England, were conjoined twins connected at the pelvis. They defied doctors' expectations and lived until age 60.

Rejected by Their Mother: Their mother, Kate Skinner, unmarried and believing their condition was punishment, sold the twins to Mary Hilton, who saw profit in their disability.

Displayed Publicly for Profit: Hilton displayed the twins in a sideshow where people paid to lift their dresses and examine their conjoined bodies.

Abused by Caretakers: The twins faced physical and emotional abuse from Hilton and various men in her life, performing under threat of punishment.

Denied Entry to the U.S. Initially: At age 8, the twins were initially denied entry into the U.S. for being "medically unfit," but media intervention eventually allowed them in.

Referred to Guardians as 'Owners': After Hilton's death, her daughter Edith and her husband Myer Myers took over, controlling and exploiting the twins.

Forced to Perform or Be Institutionalized: The twins were forced to practice their vaudeville act under threat of institutionalization and physical abuse.

Earned Money But Had None: Despite earning thousands of dollars performing, the Myerses kept all their earnings, leaving the twins with nothing.

Liberated with Help from Harry Houdini: Houdini advised them, leading to their emancipation in 1931 with the help of attorney Martin Arnold, who secured them $100,000.

Denied Marriage Certificates: After emancipation, the twins explored romance but were denied marriage certificates, as their relationships were deemed immoral and indecent.