These 6 Methods Will Prevent Rabbits from Chewing Up Your Beloved Garden

Physical Barriers

Install a wire fence around garden beds, preferably chicken wire buried at least 6 inches deep and 4 feet high. Additionally, consider using domes or cages made of chicken wire for bulbs.

Plant Variety

Deter rabbits by planting species they dislike, such as forsythia, lilac bush, zinnias, daffodils, lavender, snapdragons, onions, peppers, garlic, asparagus, or potatoes.

Repellents - Sprays

Use plant and pet-safe deer and rabbit repellent sprays available at gardening supply or hardware stores. Ensure the ingredients are non-harmful to plants, pets, and humans.

Repellents - Mirrors

Place small mirrors or jars filled with water around the garden, as rabbits are supposedly afraid of their reflection. Position them near valuable or frequently attacked plants.

Repellents - Smells

Utilize scents that rabbits dislike, such as onions, Irish Spring soap, hot peppers, garlic, or talcum powder. Plant onion bulbs or sprinkle cut onions around beds to repel rabbits.

Remove Nesting Spots

Fill in holes, block access to areas under the home or deck, and remove piles of brush or leaves where rabbits could burrow, discouraging them from nesting nearby.